Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Captain UV"

Name: Alek Komarnitsky
Sex: Male
Ability: Observe the ultraviolet spectrum of light
Place of Origin: Colorado, United States

Additional Information:

Alek is a former engineer and air force officer. His vision has never been great, but he has always managed it through traditional methods, ie corrective lenses. When a cataract formed on his right eye, he decided to get the cataract surgery with crystalens implant. When he was finally able to take the eye patch off, Alek discovered that he was able to see ultraviolet light. Eventually he had this done to the other eye as well, with the same results. He has undergone extensive scientific testing to observe his gifts. Alek, however, is cracking jokes about it, saying that he should use his gifts for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions!

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