Friday, May 1, 2015

"Electricity Mohan"

Name: Raj Mohan Nair
Sex: Male
Ability: Safely conduct large amounts of electricity throughout any part of his body
Place of Origin: Kollam, India

Additional Information:

Mohan discovered his abilities as a child, following the death of his mother. He attempted to commit suicide by grabbing a live wire coming from a transformer but it did not harm him. Since then, Mohan has learned that he can conduct large amounts of electricity throughout his body and was even featured on the first episode of "Stan Lee's Super Humans." In the episode, he was shown lighting a lightbulb, powering a blender, and heating a hot plate to the point where he was able to fully cook an omelet. Daniel Browning Smith, the host of the show tested the ohms produced by Mohan's skin against the ohms produced by his own to find that Mohan's skin was over a million times more resistant to electricity than a normal person's. While the current is passing through him, however, he is temporarily blind.

Additional Resources and Sources:
"Stan Lee's Super Humans" Episode 1: Electro Man (

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